By the time the cold weather rolls around, we receive call upon call about Winter tires, storage of all-season tires and how to prepare vehicles for the Winter. From our perspective, Winter tires in Waterloo are an absolute must-have – though we understand that our customers and prospective customers often need to hear why they are a must have, and we get that. You can hear time and time again that experts and users alike wouldn’t dare drive in the snow without Winter tires, but why exactly should you make the investment this upcoming Season?

Read on to learn more about Winter tires in Waterloo – and why you should absolutely drive with this safety and security this season.


1. Winter tires are more flexible in colder conditions.

Fact is fact. The rubber compound in Winter tires is different, as it is softer. With all-season tires, the rubber gets hard when the temperature drops below 7 C. That’s why they slide on roads and highways.

2. Better grip means better traction.

And better traction means safety and security. Better grip from your tires means that stopping distance will be shorter. Imagine that you are approaching a red light, and the car ahead of you brakes suddenly. With all-season tires, your stopping distance might not save you from a rear-end collision. With Winter tires, you stand a greater chance.

3. Drivers with Winter tires are eligible for insurance discounts.

In 2015, the Province of Ontario made an announcement that insurance could be lowered for drivers who buy and install Winter tires. This move created an incentive to drive safer during these cold months.

4. There is no price on safety.

Driving through snow storms and having your hands clenched on the steering wheel is one thing, but getting in a collision simply because the traction of your tire was insufficient is another. There is truly no price on safety, and with the key advantages that Winter tires have over all-season tires, you are simply safer and far more secure with these tires on your vehicle.

We would love to tell you more about Winter tires for your vehicle and provide you with a quote to make your vehicle safer this Season. To learn more, contact our team here.