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Why Should You Change Your Tires?

It’s no secret… the days are getting shorter, the air temperatures are changing, and snow is unavoidably on its way. With that being said, there is no better time than now to get you and your vehicle ready for winter driving.

A common myth that most people don’t realize is that winter tires are not necessarily only made for snow – they are also made for lower temperatures to make your driving experience as safe as possible, so whether there is actual snow on the ground or not, your tires will help you get to your destination protected without wear-out.

Winter tires do so much more than all-season during the winter months, as all-season tires don’t actually mean you should leave them on for every season. Certain temperatures can actually damage your all-season tires, which is why winter tires come in handy. Once the weather drops to below 7 degrees Celsius, your winter tires are all ready to outperform the all-season tires you currently have on.

If you want to drive with peace of mind, then switching to winter tires in the colder months is highly recommended as they also provide grip and stability on snowy and icy roads. Bonus, our province of Ontario also offers an incentive with your driving insurance up to a 5% reduction in your premium.

Book your tire swap with Waterloo Honda today as early as September to beat the rush.

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