Small changes can make a big difference. Whether it’s an alternation to your routine, your diet, or your habits, sometimes a little can go a long way. Your oil and air filters might seem a bit insignificant overall, but they actually play a major role in the functionality and life of your vehicle. Old filters lead to poor fuel economy and performance, and should be changed on an as-needed basis.

Why you should change your air filter

Air filters act like the lungs of your car. Just like we need clean air, your vehicle does too. The air filter ensures that your engine is fed with clean oxygen, which is important for the combustion process that converts fuel into power.

Air filters also prevent flying particles from scratching away at your engine. Think of how the front of your car looks after a weekend road trip. Most drivers will take their vehicle in for a wash to clean off all the dirt and bug bits. Now imagine the impact that debris would have over time wearing away on your bearings and cylinders. You can thank your air filter for its service by checking it at every oil change. A little dirt is okay because it can help prevent smaller particles from passing through, but a filter in need of changing is pretty obvious to the naked eye.

Why you should change your oil filter

Just like air filters are the lungs of your vehicle, your engine is the heart. It is constantly pumping, propelling your vehicle forward to every destination. With so much constant movement, your engine can get hot. Oil is the life blood that keeps things running cool and smooth. It lubricates all the moving parts of your engine to prevent friction or carbon from building up.

Oil filters stop particles from finding their way into your engine, where they could slow the flow or cause it to seize up completely. No one wants that, of course! Again, a little prevention goes a long way. Best practice is to replace your oil filter each time you change your oil.

Ensure your vehicle is running as efficiently as it was designed to. Book an appointment with Waterloo Honda’s service team to take advantage of our lowest price guarantee on oil and filter changes.