We know you have a plethora of options when finding a car dealership to visit. From various pre-owned dealerships to searching for a brand new set of wheels at your local lot, it’s so important to work with a car dealership in Waterloo that you know and can trust. It’s better to do your research and find out everything you can about a dealership before you’ve signed on the dotted line – and it’s too late.

With that said, we’ve compiled our list of must-haves that you should look for searching for your next purchase.

Here’s What To Look For In a Car Dealership in Waterloo

1. Find out how long the dealer has been around.

Dealerships come and go – let’s face it, it’s a tough business! If the dealership you’re looking at has opened their doors relatively recently, stay away. You never know what could happen if you have an issue with your car, or if a warranty is up. Look for a well-established dealership that will work for you.

2. Gauge their levels of customer service.

If you’ve decided to walk through the dealership’s doors, pay attention – do the staff treat you with respect? Do you feel appreciated as a potential customer? Are the staff smiling and happy?

3. Ask for referrals.

We all know that the best form of business is through friends and referrals. So, ask your friends, family and colleagues where they purchased their vehicle. Was it a positive experience? Would they go back?

4. Is the dealership clean?

If the parking lot is a mess – we’re talking garbage on the ground, untidy parking stalls and more – run. Dealerships should take great pride in their showroom and their property.

5. Check the BBB.

The Better Business Bureau is perhaps the best tool you can have in your arsenal. The BBB keeps track of customer complains and can help you when comparing car dealerships in Waterloo. A simple Google search will show you how your prospective dealership compares. Here’s Waterloo Honda on the BBB – an A+ rating in 1982.

When searching for a car dealership, the opportunities are endless – so make sure you’re making the best decision for your next purchase. Here at Waterloo Honda, we do everything we can to make sure our customers leave happy – and come back for their next set of wheels, whenever that time might be.