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An Intelligent Suite of Honda Safety Features and Driver Assist Technologies

What is Honda Sensing? It is an intelligent suite of technologies designed as an extra set of eyes – so nothing gets missed on your drive. Included in the Honda Sensing suite are Honda LaneWatch, Cross Traffic Monitor, Road Departure Mitigation System, Traffic Sign Recognition, and so much more!

Ready to make your drive more comfortable, safer and a whole lot less stressful with the help of Honda’s Sensing Suite? Learn more about what each feature has to offer:

Collision Mitigation Braking System (CMBS):

The CMBS helps to prevent collisions by applying brake pressure when another vehicle or a pedestrian is detected. This helps to avoid possible frontal collisions by activating a warning first and if the collision is unavoidable, the brake pressure is applied.

Road Departure Mitigation System (RDM):

The RDM feature adjusts your steering and braking if you attempt to cross road lanes without putting on your signal first. It helps to keep your Honda on the road and put the safety of the driver, pedestrians, and those around you first. By alerting the driver with a warning when lane crossing is detected, it allows adjusting steering manually and then will adjust for you if no action is taken (and can even adjust your braking for you as well).

Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC):

The ACC with low-speed follow helps drivers to maintain a set following interval behind other vehicles. When it is active, it can detect when there is a vehicle ahead of it and will automatically adjust your speed to maintain a safe distance behind.

Lane Keeping Assist Systems (LKAS):

The LKAS adjusts the driver’s steering to help keep centred in a detected lane. By using a camera to detect lane lines in front of the vehicle, it adjusts the steering to keep the driver safely centred in the middle of the lane.

Traffic Sign Recognition (TSR):

The TSR can notify the driver of upcoming posted speed limits with the use of a small camera added into their vehicle. Once your vehicle passes a speed limit sign, the camera can detect the limit and display it on your dash for added awareness to ensure maximum safety precautions.

Honda LaneWatch:

Honda’s LaneWatch allows you to see nearly four times more than the average passenger-side mirror with its camera display feature. When the driver signals right, the camera on the passenger-side mirror will display a live video on the Display Audio Touchscreen so that you can see more and drive safer.

Blind Spot Information System:

The Blindspot Information system feature helps to alert drivers when another vehicle is detected in an adjacent lane and ensures drivers stay in their lane until it is safe to cross over. When the driver places their turn signal on to change lanes, the indicator will blink, and a beeping noise will turn on if there is another vehicle detected. The alarm will only turn off when the driver’s turn signal is turned off or if the area is clear and safe to move over.

Cross Traffic Monitor:

The Cross Traffic Monitor can help to avoid collisions when reversing by detecting rear crossing traffic. When the driver is backing up their vehicle, the monitor can detect vehicles coming from either side and will set off an alarm to inform the driver to stop reversing until it is safe to do so.

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