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Comprehensive Guide to the Honda Maintenance Minder

Honda has created the Honda Maintenance Minder system to let you know when your vehicle maintenance is due. This system was created to save drivers time and money by systematically letting the driver know a more precise indication of when you need to bring you vehicle into Waterloo Honda for Service

The system works on an algorithm-based, on-board computer that will alert the driver when a particular maintenance on the vehicle needs to be dealt with. It monitors, at its most basic level, the vehicle engine oil life and allows you to assess the oil quality at the touch of a button.

It also monitors your vehicles engine performance and conditions such as engine temperature, ambient temperature, vehicle use, speed, and time. The system will count down the vehicle’s oil life based on these conditions to determine when an oil change is necessary.

How Am I Alerted?

Oil Life

  • 15% indicates service is due soon. Schedule an appointment at Waterloo Honda Service Centre for maintenance.
  • 5% means service is required now. Bring your car to our Service Centre as soon as possible.

0% means service is past due. Take your vehicle to our location or any other authorized Honda Service Centre near you for maintenance care.

Main Codes

There are two main codes you need to take note of. When main code A is displayed, you have to replace the engine oil.

However, when main code B is displayed, you must do a full servicing. In addition to the oil change, you’ll need to replace the oil filter, inspect front and rear brakes, as well as check the parking brake adjustment. You may also need to examine other items specific to your Honda.


There are 7 sub-codes come with the Honda Maintenance Minder.

Sub-code 0 indicated a multi-point inspection

Sub-code 1 indicates that your tires need to be rotated.

Sub-code 2 tells you to replace the Air Cleaner Element, check the drive belt, and replace the dust/pollen filter.

Sub-code 3 indicates you need to replace the transmission fluid.

Sub-code 4 suggests that you should replace the spark plugs and timing belt and inspect the water pump and valve clearance.

Sub-code 5 is a sign that you need to replace the water coolant, while

Sub-code 6 will tell you to replace the differential fluid.

How Many Miles Can You Go Without an Oil Change?

The Maintenance Minder varies by the driver. Everyone’s driving habits are different. It adjusts maintenance intervals based on engine operation, driving habits, and climate.

You could change it every 4,000–5,000 kilometres. However, this is a conservative approach as upgraded oil technology and engine design have allowed for increased Honda maintenance intervals.

How Do You Reset the Maintenance Minder?

Once your maintenance issues are addressed, our team will reset the Honda Maintenance Minder for you.

Visit Waterloo Honda today and address all your Honda maintenance needs.

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