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Benefits of Winter Tires

What are the benefits of putting winter tires on your vehicle? There are many reasons that consumers have gravitated towards putting winters on their vehicles. For our conditions in Canada, we experience colder weather conditions from November to March that leave our roads covered in snow and ice. While winter tires can be expensive, these tires make sense and here’s why:

Specialty Compounds

At about 7C and below, the rubber in all-season and summer tires begin to harden, drastically reducing their ability to safely grip the road. Winter-specific tires are formulated to continue to provide flexibility, even in sub-zero environments dipping as low as -30C.


Winter tires feature a deeper and more prevalent tread with thin slits cut horizontally across the tread, designed to create more movement and essentially “bite” onto the ice as well as any snow that may be clinging to the road. A more aggressive tread pattern also reduces the chance of snow build-up.

Braking Ability

In the winter months, there is the tendency to stomp on the brake pedal as we would similarly do in the warmer months. During the winter season, this is a problem with having your stiff, all-season tires as they are likely to skid over a cold and slippery surface. Proper winter tires stay soft and have a better chance of helping the vehicle with gripping the road, reports show the stopping distance for winter tires can improve braking in winter conditions by up to 30%.

Snow Maneuverability

When the snow falls, winter tires typically are offered in skinnier sizing compared to the traditional all-season tires offered on your vehicle. The narrower width increases the pounds per square inch of pressure exerted, resulting in the tires having an easier time cutting through the snow rather than floating over-top.

Where can I put my winter tires when I’m not using them?

Want to save the hassle of having to put your winter tires in your car and bringing them to the dealership, only to have to bring your all-season tires back home with you to store for the winter? Here at Waterloo Honda we offer Tire Storage to save you that hassle. Come get your winter tires changed today! If you’re shopping for winter tires this season, check out our Tire App to find the perfect tire for your vehicle. We have a wide selection of brands for every make and model.

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