Shopping For a Pre-Owned Vehicle?

May 18th, 2022 by

Did you know that Waterloo Honda purchases and sells all makes and models? Our pre-owned inventory lot has all different brands like BMW, Toyota, Mazda, Nissan, Ford, Jeep, Chevrolet, and more.

Considering a pre-owned Honda?

Honda vehicles such as the Honda Civic, Honda Accord, Honda CR-V and more are known for their reliability. They make a great choice as a first vehicle as they’re known to last. Did you know that the Honda Civic and Honda CR-V have more than 90% purchased in the last 10 years still driving on the road? Honda has a reputation for industry-leading technology and innovation, so all trims come equipped with amazing features.

Need options for larger families, bigger equipment or just overall leg space? Honda has that covered too. With the Honda Pilot and Odyssey having the option or 7 or 8 seats for more passengers, and the Passport having great cargo space, you can get where you need to with everyone and everything in tow.

Considering an off-brand vehicle from our pre-owned lot?

We carry all makes and models:

Reasons to consider a pre-owned BMW include their great performance, safety, and quality in luxury car brands. BMW offers comfort and style so that you can enjoy the ride wherever you go.

Looking at a Nissan? Like Honda, Nissan carries great technology with safety and security in mind. With a variety of options to choose from, like the Nissan Pathfinder, Nissan Kicks or Nissan Frontier, your vehicle needs can be met.

Have you been considering something else? Looking for something that carries all the bells and whistles? Maybe a Kia or a Hyundai? With great features in every trim, you’ll be sure to enjoy the drive no matter where you go.

What about a Mazda? Similar to Honda, Mazda is known for its reliability. Driver’s can also consider a pre-owned Mazda from Waterloo Honda if they are looking for something budget-friendly with great interior and exterior features.

You know what’s fun? Driving in a Jeep. Have you heard of the Jeep wave? One of the perks of owning a Jeep is being part of the “Jeep family.” Jeep owners tend to love driving their vehicle whether on road trips or on off-roading adventures.

Looking at something heavy-duty that can carry it all? What about the fun-to-drive, popular Ram truck? With a variety of options to choose from, no matter your need for a truck, Ram has you covered.

What about the Ford F-150? Or GMC Sierra? Considering a Chevrolet Silverado? Waterloo Honda can promise we have a truck made just for you.

Did we miss something? We have so many options with such a great selection to choose from. Consider purchasing a pre-owned vehicle from Waterloo Honda today. No matter your budget, we can work with you to get you your dream car.

Did something catch your eye? Shop our pre-owned inventory today and drive away knowing you’re part of the Waterloo Honda family today:

We believe in having amazing options to choose from for everyone, but even if you don’t buy from us, we’ll still buy from you with our trade-in program! Book your appointment to speak with someone from our sales team today.

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