Seriously. It’s a hybrid.

Meet the hybrid that doesn’t look like one, the 2015 CR-Z. As much a dynamic, sporty coupe as it is an eco-conscious hybrid, it delivers a thrilling combo of spirited performance and impressive fuel economy ratings*. Under the hood, it reveals its hybrid sensibilities with a lithium-ion battery that helps enhance vehicle responsiveness. On the sporty side, the CR-Z’s stylish exterior features a slick front grille, available 17″ aluminum-alloy wheels, dynamic LED brake lights and available LED daytime running lights. Then there’s the Plus Sport System, which is engineered to provide an instant boost in acceleration with a push of the S+ button. The engine also has the torque and horsepower to make every drive fully exhilarating. And to complete the unique sport hybrid combination, the CR-Z is the only hybrid in Canada with the option of a manual transmission . Hop in and see for yourself why it really is a hybrid like no other.