Road Ready For Summer

May 5th, 2022 by

With summer just around the corner, Canadians are wondering what steps they can take to ensure they are ready to return to the warm weather and
snowless driving. While the return to summer requires far less commitment than getting ready for the winter, there are several ways to prepare and keep your car in great condition, as well as ease your time on the cool morning roads.

When Should I Remove My Winter Tires?

It is recommended to remove snow/winter tires once the outside temperature reaches an average 7-10 degrees celsius, at a consistent and visible rate. Be careful – nights and mornings may be cooler, and it may be a good idea to keep your winter tires a little longer if you need to drive during these periods.
Ensure you do not take your tires off too late once the weather has improved, however, as sustained use with higher temperatures may wear your winter tires at an increased rate. Tire changes are an important aspect of getting ready for the new season, so keep an eye on the weather conditions of your daily schedule to find out when it is the right time to get them changed.

Book your tire change at Waterloo Honda to stay summer-ready and safe.

A Little Spring Cleaning

As is tradition, you may want to consider doing a deep clean of your Honda and keep it in its best shape for the new season. A duster, vacuum, and spray will keep the inside of your car fresh and spotless, but don’t forget to take care of the outside of your car as well with a car wash. Keeping your Honda clean is a crucial aspect of staying summer-ready and a great way to feel great while driving.

Considering a New Car for the Clear Roads?

If you’re looking for a fuel-efficient, Canadian-made, best-selling car, consider the Honda Civic, an excellent choice fit for the leap into the new season.
For a bigger or family-oriented SUV, the Honda CR-V might be a great fit for you. Come visit us at Waterloo Honda for the best selections of new and pre-owned cars this summer.

Best Models For Fuel Economy

If you’re looking for a vehicle that makes the most out of the gas it’s given, Waterloo Honda boasts several fuel-efficient models both new and pre-owned. Not only is it protecting the environment, but keeping fuel consumption low is always a positive, and often a priority in making a decision for a car purchase.
Honda has always had a focus on quality, safety, and efficiency. Honda shows fantastic ratings from the EPA in all models, and is widely regarded as a
leader in fuel-efficient, environmentally friendly cars that require fewer trips to the gas station and more of getting to where you need to go. The Honda Civic is one of the best vehicles in the Honda lineup for fuel economy, especially with newer sedan models of the Civic. The Civic has received
a consistently high rating by the EPA, making it an excellent choice to cut back on gas prices. The Honda hybrid models, namely the CR-V Hybrid and the Accord hybrid, have a high MPG due to their part-electric and efficiently designed nature. Both these hybrid models show high-40 combined MPG estimates, and on some models the ECON drive mode can be used to further decrease fuel usage. Both hybrid and standard models of the new Honda lineup are great for long or short use.

Visit us for more options and information on the best models for great fuel economy.

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