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Honda Civics and CR-V’s are proudly produced in Alliston, Ontario

Did you know that Honda Canada opened its doors to Canadian manufacturing in Alliston, Ontario in 1986? This has since become the home to two of Honda’s most popular vehicles and Canada’s best-selling car for 23 years, the Honda Civic and CR-V. This led the way to be the first Japanese automobile manufacturer to have and operate a production facility in Canada.

The Alliston plant produces over 400,000 vehicles a year, including the 10th generation of Civics that are sold across Canada and even imported to over 10 other countries.

Honda Canada has achieved some outstanding accomplishments including rolling out their nine-millionth vehicle off the line as well as selling their five-millionth vehicle to yet another Canadian owner. Being a Canadian company, we intend to create Canadian loved vehicles.

With Civic being the top-selling vehicle in Canada, Canadians love knowing their Sedan, Coupe and Si models are locally built with top-notch inspections. After each vehicle is built, it is tested for vehicle function such as brakes and alignment, and then tested on our Canadian track to ensure that everything is working as it should to meet design standards.

Ready to test-drive our Ontario-built, Canadian-driven vehicles? Book your test drive today and see how Canadians do it right!

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