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How To Keep Your Vehicle Protected In The Winter

We’ve talked about how to Winterize your vehicle before the snow hits, but what about keeping your vehicle protected in the Winter when the cold Waterloo temperatures have already hit? The thermometer has dropped, with much of the Winter spent in minus -0 temperatures, and some drivers can feel nervous about how these temperatures impact their vehicles.

We’ve been through incredible snowfalls, heavy rain and intense heat with our Hondas here at Waterloo Honda, which is why we’re sharing…

how to keep your vehicle protected in the Winter!

1. Check your battery regularly.

Did you know that vehicle batteries can lose up to 33% of their charge when the temperature goes below freezing levels? It’s true! It’s important to check the charge on your battery to keep your vehicle running smoothly over the Winter. Take your vehicle into a shop once during the Winter months to ensure that your battery is up to speed.

2. Clean your car every two weeks.

The ice and salt can impact your vehicle during the cold months. If you park outside, especially in the snow, you’ll need to clean your car often. Run through that car wash so you can stay nice and warm in your heated seats!

3. Check those taillights.

When was the last time you checked your taillights? Can’t remember? It’s time to take a look. Have your passenger step away from your vehicle the next time you start it, and try your taillights, blinkers, and head lights. Make sure they’re all in great shape and working well. This is especially important in the Winter months when daylight is less.

4. Your safety kit should be up to date.

We hope you will never need to use your safety kit, but it’s very important to keep it handy in the event that you get stuck. A safety kit should include a phone charger, water, snacks, a shovel, flares, and a blanket.

5. Warm up your engine before driving.

or if it’s been sitting in the driveway for some time.

Warming up your engine can do your vehicle a whole lot of good, as it allows for the fluids to really get going, and cold hoses and belts to thaw out. Less strain on the engine makes for a longer lasting vehicle.

We love the Winter months here at Waterloo Honda, though we’re secretly anticipating the gorgeous Spring we have ahead. As we go through the final few months of our cold season, be sure to protect your vehicle so you can prepare for excellent summer driving as we move throughout the year!

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