Winter technically begins on December 1 – December Solstice – which means we are so close to the season ahead. With the upcoming season comes new ways that we need to approach day-to-day living, such as allocating more time to get to work as we drive through snow, bundling up with more layers as we take our dogs for the walk in the morning, and revising our exercise routines from outdoor to indoor. Particularly, we are focused on how to help our customers Winterize your vehicle for the upcoming months. The cold Winter months have the potential to wreck havoc on our four-wheels if we’re not careful, so this blog is important to read.

Here’s how to Winterize your vehicle this upcoming season…

1. Make sure your vehicle is visible to others.

By this we mean that you need to ensure that you are visible to others on the road. Check your brake lights, fog lights and head lights. Are they working properly? Remember that all vehicles are required to have a minimum of two and max of four white or amber lights on the front. If your headlights are out, this could result in a hefty ticket.

2. …and others are visible to you!

You need to be seen, and you also need to see others. Are your wipers leaving streaks of water on your windshield? Are your wipers showing any signs of cracking? Do you have an ice scraper for your windows if you park your vehicle outdoors?

3. Book those Winter tire changes.

Dealerships are getting jam-packed with Winter tire changes, so be sure to call ahead now. We wrote all the reasons why you should consider changing your tires this season. Click here to read.

4. Let your engine get warm before driving.

This is most important for vehicles that are parked outdoors during the Winter months. Before driving away to work or to drop your kids off at school, let your engine warm-up before leaving the driveway. This only needs to be done for a minute or so, though it is best practice to drive gently as your vehicle becomes adjusted to the drive ahead.

5. Don’t skip the car wash during the Winter months.

Remember that dirt and salt can attack your vehicle during the Winter months, which means that the paint finish will be impacted. We recommend giving your car a fresh coat of paint before December 1st, though if this is not possible, be sure to get your car washed regularly during the cold months.

We are excited for the Winter months ahead, and we are getting our vehicles ready for the cooler weather. If you have questions about how to Winterize your vehicle, contact us here.