Halloween Safety Tips For Drivers

September 16th, 2022 by

Halloween is coming up this month – have you picked out your costume yet?

With trick-or-treaters soon to be on the streets, we decided to provide some helpful tips for navigating the road on Halloween night to ensure absolute safety for all.

  1. This one is the most obvious, but never drink and drive. If you are leaving a Halloween party, please ensure you have a designated driver or other transportation to and from your location if you plan to drink. Whether it is Halloween, or any situation, never drink and drive.
  2. If you are driving trick-or-treaters around to neighborhoods that night, always ensure everyone has their seatbelt on properly in the case of an accident. Make sure to buckle up yourself and your passengers each and every time you enter the vehicle.
  3. If your child is wearing a costume, ensure that there is no extra padding that could interfere with car seats or seatbelts. If there is padding, consider removing the costume until you arrive at your destination.
  4. When parking, try to find a spot where you won’t need to reverse out of it so that you can have a clear view without needing to triple-check blindspots when leaving.
  5. Never use your cell phone – ensure you have a hands-free device so that you can safely pay attention to the road and objects or pedestrians in front of you.
  6. Drive at a slower speed. Since more pedestrians will be on the road, and some in darker than usual clothing due to costumes and characters, it’s important to drive at a slower than normal speed especially in neighborhoods for safety. Always fully stop at stop signs and double-check before driving again that no one is crossing.

Halloween is a fun holiday and a great time for children to be active. Enjoy your night safely and have a Happy Halloween!

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