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What Is The Difference Between Hybrid, Plug-In and Electric?

April is the month when we’re invited to take positive action to help preserve and protect our planet. At Waterloo Honda and Honda Canada, we believe that one month of awareness isn’t enough, and there needs to be action all year through.

We’re dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint, and with that, we offer the option to our customers to do the same by the vehicles they drive with our most fuel-efficient lineup ever.

Many individuals aren’t aware of the substantially great list of benefits that driving an electrified vehicle has to offer:

They’re fun to drive.

Impressive acceleration can make any commute fun and exciting while driving an electric vehicle.

More savings.

Fill up less and keep more change in your pocket. Save your money at the pump by reducing or completely eliminating your need to stop at your local gas station.


The Federal Government of Canada offers a purchase incentive of up to $5,000 for electric vehicles.

Low emissions.

Feel good about your carbon footprint while driving an electric vehicle. You can reduce or eliminate your driving emissions.

There’s something for everyone.

Whether you’re commuting to work every day or need to run errands from time to time, there’s an electric vehicle to fit your lifestyle.

Some customers often ask what the difference between a Hybrid vehicle and an Electric vehicle is. While both are great choices, knowing what one to choose relies on your current and future lifestyle.

A Hybrid runs on both electricity as well as gas or fuel and can recover lost energy through regenerative braking. You can refuel at a typical gas station, and there is no plugging in or recharging needed. Hybrid models offer cost savings at the pump, fewer stops, lower emissions than a regular fully fuel-consuming model and no change to your everyday routine. A Hybrid Plug-in runs on electricity first, and then automatically switches to fuel when needed. Like regular Hybrids, Honda Plug-ins can recover lost energy with braking.

An Electric vehicle runs solely on electricity that is drawn from a high-voltage battery. You can easily charge your vehicle at home daily or at external charging stations. The major benefit to Electric vehicles is there are zero emissions and no dependence on gas. Like the Hybrid models, Honda Electric vehicles can also recover lost energy from regenerative braking.

Wondering what option is best for you?

The Hybrid is the perfect vehicle for trips of any length.

The Hybrid Plug-in works for road trips of any length but can utilize the all-electric power on shorter trips.

Electric vehicles are more ideal for shorter and more predictable trips.

Honda has made an attractive fuel-efficient lineup of vehicles that fits the needs of everyone.

Honda Accord Hybrid:

The Honda Accord Hybrid offers all the great and convenient features of the Accord (including a ton of cargo space), with the added bonus of increased fuel efficiency.

Honda Clarity Hybrid:

The Honda Clarity Hybrid is defined by its aerodynamic design lines and LED Daytime Running Lights. Eco-conscious materials outfit the spacious interior.

Honda Insight:

The Honda Insight blends refined power and styling with trusted fuel efficiency ratings to deliver a driving experience you’ll have to see to believe.

Visit us today and choose from a range of efficient, stylish and convenient options to find the perfect electrified vehicle for you.

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