Do’s and Don’ts Of Buying a Car

August 11th, 2022 by

Many individuals are excited when it comes to purchasing a new vehicle – it’s a fun experience looking at all of your options, whether it be new or used, financed or leased, but it’s also important to ensure your shopping experience goes smoothly and the experience stays a great one and meets your expectations.

With purchasing a new car, come some unofficial rules to follow so you get the best vehicle for all of your needs.


Do look at the CarFax. A CarFax is a vehicle report that shows you any vehicle accident or damage history, as well as recall information and Canadian liens. If you are shopping for a pre-owned vehicle, you should always check the CarFax as it provides you with important information you should know before you purchase the vehicle. It’s a trusted report by all vehicle manufacturers and provides absolute transparency of a vehicle’s history. With a CarFax, you can see certain badges at times on certain vehicles if it has low kilometers, no reported accidents, one owner, or if it’s in top condition. Never skip out on seeing a vehicle’s CarFax, it’s important to ensure your chosen vehicle is the right one for you!


Don’t skip out on the test drive! Although most individuals come to the dealership for the actual test drive, there are sometimes those who don’t find it necessary and trust it is the vehicle for them without giving it a quick spin. This is not recommended, as sometimes the interior, the ride, or the features aren’t what you’re looking for and a test drive offers the opportunity to try it out before the purchase. If you don’t like how the vehicle rides after the test drive, you’re not obligated to purchase it. A test drive is exactly that, a drive to test the vehicle and ensure it’s a perfect fit. Just like purchasing clothes online, sometimes they don’t fit the same as you’d think and you need to return them – it’s always easier to try it first and then buy it.


Do purchase your vehicle with a trusted dealership. Dealerships have specific qualifications they must meet by OEM standards. OEM means Original Equipment Manufacturer, and that means the dealership must be in compliance with their brand. For example, Waterloo Honda must work diligently with Honda Canada (OEM) to ensure their products and procedures are compliant. Purchasing a new vehicle from a dealership rather than privately offers more options to choose from as well as more time. If you’re looking for new, there is typically more than one vehicle to choose from so if you want to go home and think about it – you can! If you purchase privately, normally there are far fewer options and people in line to purchase that exact same vehicle. A dealership also offers flexible payments such as options to lease, pay cash, or finance so you can set it up in whatever way works best for you financially.


If you’re purchasing a new vehicle, don’t skip out on your payments. This is obvious, you want to boost your credit score, and pay off your vehicle in a timely manner. Missing a car payment could easily cause you to fall behind – and the banks won’t like that. If you have the opportunity to do so, consider putting a bit more than your monthly payment on to get you closer to the end of paying and closer to fully owning your vehicle.


Do contact your insurance company when you have a vehicle in mind to see what the new monthly payments will be for you. Different cars, years, and brands all have different insurance rates so it’s important when you go shopping to know what fits your budget. Having an idea of what your new insurance rate will be can help you narrow down your search as well and help you to select a new vehicle.

Car shopping should be a fun and exciting time, so before you begin your search, come prepared to make it a stress-free experience.

Contact Waterloo Honda today to start your car buying journey, and trust the professionals to help you select the best vehicle for your budget.

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