Aftermarket parts vs. Honda Genuine Parts

July 12th, 2022 by

Have you just recently purchased a new or pre-owned Honda? Maybe you’ve been driving one for a while now – either way, you’ll want to keep it in great working condition to get the most drive-time out of it. Using Honda Certified genuine parts is a big factor in doing so.

While aftermarket parts are of course available, OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts are what help your vehicle to last the longest and keep it in good shape.

Utilizing OEM parts on your vehicle is the best option if you want dependability and long-lasting results as they are guaranteed to work properly. Again, aftermarket options are available, but you want consistency which is why OEM parts make the most sense.

It’s important to note as well if you are considering OEM versus aftermarket parts that Honda only covers OEM parts with their warranties which allows for an extra blanket of security against your vehicle if something were to go amiss.

If you are needing new parts for your vehicle, it’s important to know that Honda parts are built to last and are top-quality parts as it is manufactured by Honda themselves and assist in making sure your vehicle lasts. Honda genuine parts are dependable and long-lasting and give you a sense of ease knowing you received the perfect fit for your vehicle.

Did you know it’s also much easier to find a Honda genuine part rather than after-market as your local Honda dealership, including us here at Waterloo Honda, sells the genuine Honda components?

You should also be aware that many after-market parts have been remanufactured which means that it’s an older part that has been refurbished. Refurbished means to clean up and make “new” again. Honda genuine parts are brand new, never before used which means you’ll never have to worry about the “new” lifespan of the older aftermarket part.

General benefits to consider when deciding if you should go with OEM parts versus aftermarket:

1) Cost

Honda Genuine Parts are typically not much more expensive (if at all) than aftermarket parts. The parts are created by Honda and are normally the exact same parts that your Honda was originally built with.

2) Perfect fit

Honda OEM genuine parts come directly from the manufacturer and are designed to perfectly fit your car model. It’s important to note that these parts are also created to work with other Honda hardware as well.

3) High Quality

Aftermarket products sometimes sacrifice something in the build in order to make them cheaper. Honda parts don’t lack anything and come the way they are supposed to so you never have to worry.

4) Reliability

When you order aftermarket parts, you can run into issues finding the correct part for your vehicle. With OEM genuine parts, you can order directly through your Honda dealership and skip the stress as you’ll be able to guarantee they are the correct parts for your ride.

Honda Genuine Parts are made by Honda and are typically the exact same part that your Honda was originally built with. Our parts and accessories department can help you when it comes time to replace a part and ensure it’s the right one for your Honda.

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