When it comes to Summer driving, there are a few vehicles that are ideal for city or rural expeditions. For example, the Honda Civic is great for young professionals or single individuals who are sticking to the city and urban roads (which we love), yet the Honda CR-V is simply made for those of us who want to get outside, explore and pack everything we can we a vehicle for one, two or even five. For those of us living in Waterloo, we’re ready to explore this Summer- which makes the Honda C-RV perfect for Summer explorers.

If this sounds like you, here are 5 ways the Honda CR-V is perfect for your lifestyle this Summer.

1. It has plenty of room for you and your friends.

With space for five, plus room in the back to pull in your luggage, backpacks, bikes, food coolers…you get it. The Honda CR-V has plenty of room for you and your friends, your family, or those of you who are headed to the trails or weekend get-aways. The cargo area in the back of the CR-V can fit whatever you need (seriously…we place our road bikes in the back of this vehicle).

2. The fuel economy is great for road trips.

Highway fuel economy gives you 7.0L/100 km – city driving gets you 8.4L/100 km. This means you’ll rarely have to stop for gas, because your 1.5L 4cyl engine gets you from point A to point B with fuel efficiency that is highly competitive to other CU-V vehicles on the market.

3. Safety is a priority.

When you’re driving during the Summer, whether for long road trips or packing your kids in the vehicle to head to the lake, you need to ensure that safety is a priority for your vehicle.

That’s why the Honda CR-V always has safety in mind – especially the 2017 edition.

With ABS brakes, duel front and side airbags, electronic stability and more, this vehicle protects you and your loved ones.

4. It has the bells and whistles.

Rear-view camera, remote keyless entry, tilt steering, illuminated entry – the Honda CR-V has the convenience that you need for Summer driving. After all, with all of the parking you’ll be doing at beaches and cafes this Summer, who could live without a rear-view camera?

5. It simply looks great.

The Honda CR-V is perfect for a family driver to a 20-something weekend adventurer. This is a vehicle that is so dynamic in nature, you’ll never know who’s behind the wheel. Unlike other CR-V vehicles on the market, Honda has delivered a truly functional set of wheels with a set of wheels that attracts a variety of drivers.

If you’re planning on driving a lot this Summer, you need a CR-V that works for you. Consider the Honda CR-V to get you from the lake to your home with fuel efficiency and functionality that you’ve aways craved from a cross-over.