The winter is quickly approaching, and we’re ready for what should be a snowy winter here in Waterloo. This means that we’re getting ready to not only store tires for the winter, but be the experts in recommending the perfect season tires for our customers.

Speaking of storing tires, have you considered keeping your tires at Waterloo Honda for a few months?

Here are 5 reasons to store your tires for the Winter at Waterloo Honda.


1. There’s no need to take up space in your house.

Space is valuable in our homes – whether your garage or otherwise. So, it’s important to not take up space that you don’t have. Keeping your home in orderly fashion, store your tires away to make room for extra space.

2. It’s fully insured and secure. 

Let’s say you have a break-in at your home or workplace – wherever your tires are to be stored. Now, let’s say you don’t have insurance on this space and your tires are stolen in the middle of the night during the Winter. That’s trouble, right? At Waterloo Honda, everything is fully insured and secure when storing your tires for the Winter.

3. Your tires will be safe going into the new seasons.

When keeping your tires at Waterloo, you’ll be first in line for seasonal tire changes and you’ll have a complete tire analysis that will assess the condition of your tires. This means that your safety is top of mind going into upcoming seasons.

4. Avoid heavy lifting or handling. 

When arriving at Waterloo, simply park in our lot and we’ll life and handle your tires for you. Don’t get dirty, no need to load or unload. We’ll take care of everything for you.

5. The price point is right. 

At just $59.95 per season, the price is truly right. We’ll take your tire storage headaches away with an affordable price point.

Curious about how tire storage will work for you? Contact us at Waterloo Honda – – and we’ll walk through the service available for the Winter season.